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lunch for two – sandwiches on whole wheat bread with spinach, carrot, cucumber, tofurky, mustard, and guacamole, gala apple with peanut butter, ritter sport marzipan, and iced tazo rest tea

Today is the day! No more calories!

I didn’t measure my peanut butter or my almond butter this morning. I didn’t measure my granola. I really want to through all my measuring spoons and cups out the window… but then I still need them for baking… soo…. But I loved spreading peanut butter without have to measure it first. I did weigh myself this morning, so that I can compare it in a week. But for one week I will not set foot on the scale! 😀

I feel strong today and I can’t wait to go to the movies tonight with my sassy gay black man whom I have been missing for months and eat Red Velvet Cake Fro-yo where my bestie works! Also other bestie’s b-day tomorrow. Will probably bake her something yummy… and will probably taste test it in the process! 😉

Breakfast: Two slices of ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast, one with white-dark-chocolate-raspberry peanut butter, the other with raw unsalted creamy almond butter (I meant to get crunchy at Trader Joe’s, but I actually kind of really like the creamy one!). Strawberries. Black Coffee.

Nut butter collection: White/dark chocolate-honey-raspberries-peanut-butter, raw unsalted creamy almond butter (damn it, i meant to buy crunchy… oh well), cookie butter, nutella, sunflower seed butter, and white chocolate peanut butter

Yes, I paid $8 for this little thing which I will probably finish within a week.

Raspberries, white and dark chocolate, and honey peanut butter.

I am druling right now and trying to restrain myself from opening it. I am not going to spoil breakfast in the morning. I can’t wait. 14 more hours until breakfast… I CAN’T WAIT!

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