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Nut butter collection: White/dark chocolate-honey-raspberries-peanut-butter, raw unsalted creamy almond butter (damn it, i meant to buy crunchy… oh well), cookie butter, nutella, sunflower seed butter, and white chocolate peanut butter

Yes, I paid $8 for this little thing which I will probably finish within a week.

Raspberries, white and dark chocolate, and honey peanut butter.

I am druling right now and trying to restrain myself from opening it. I am not going to spoil breakfast in the morning. I can’t wait. 14 more hours until breakfast… I CAN’T WAIT!

These are all the bars I bought.

I stocked up on Gary’s Panforte clif bar because its a limited edition and REALLY YUMMY!

Two Mom’s in the Raw – just tried this, and it was really good. Have only been able to find them at starbucks.

Two Mom’s in the Raw Bar! 

I tried this new product and it is really good! I love goji berries! I can only find them in starbucks though 😦 If you do find one of these I suggest you get them and stock up because they are yummy!

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