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snacking on an apple and a peanut butter chocolate chip zing bar 🙂 the last time i was at whole foods, i picked up a few different zing bar flavors. this one is 100% natural, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and has 10g of protein! the ingredients are things like peanuts, agave syrup, chocolate chips, rice protein, oats, brown rice crisps, and sea salt.
and i must say this is one of the best bars i’ve ever had 🙂 have you tried them?

I need to try these! Looking for some new bars to try!

Nut butter collection: White/dark chocolate-honey-raspberries-peanut-butter, raw unsalted creamy almond butter (damn it, i meant to buy crunchy… oh well), cookie butter, nutella, sunflower seed butter, and white chocolate peanut butter

Yes, I paid $8 for this little thing which I will probably finish within a week.

Raspberries, white and dark chocolate, and honey peanut butter.

I am druling right now and trying to restrain myself from opening it. I am not going to spoil breakfast in the morning. I can’t wait. 14 more hours until breakfast… I CAN’T WAIT!

back-tohealthy: Oh my god stop.

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