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lunch for two – sandwiches on whole wheat bread with spinach, carrot, cucumber, tofurky, mustard, and guacamole, gala apple with peanut butter, ritter sport marzipan, and iced tazo rest tea



10 Reasons to Eat Breakfast

  1. Breakfast restores sugar levels after up to 12 hours of not eating.
  2. It is extremely difficult to get all of your necessary daily nutrients without breakfast.
  3. Adults who skip breakfast are less mentally and physically efficient for longer periods during the day.
  4. People who eat breakfast are more successful at losing weight and sticking to a diet.
  5. Athletes who skip breakfast train less effectively.
  6. Eating breakfast can raise metabolism by as much as 10 percent.
  7. People who eat breakfast regularly are more likely to rate their health as “excellent” or “good.”
  8. Missing breakfast increases your chance of heavy machinery and factory accidents.
  9. Eating breakfast has been shown to increase concentration.
  10. Eating a bigger meal in the morning and a smaller meal at night optimizes your daily energy levels.

Building a Balanced Breakfast
Breakfast should provide at least one quarter of the calories you need for the entire day. Most nutritionists agree that a good breakfast contains the following ingredients:

  • At least one serving of  fiber
  • At least one fruit and/or vegetable
  • Milk or another source of calcium
  • Protein, i.e., from meat, cheese or eggs

If this sounds like a tall order, it’s not. A bowl of cereal with fruit, a cereal bar with a glass of milk or a pita pocket with ham and cheese all fill the bill, as do bigger, traditional breakfasts, like eggs, ham and juice or blueberry pancakes with bacon. And, yes, cold pizza (with a glass of milk) qualifies as a healthy breakfast alternative.

Never eat breakfast?

If your usual breakfast is a cup of coffee, start small by incorporating a glass of juice or milk into your morning routine for a week or so, and then gradually build up to a balanced meal. If you think you don’t have time in the morning, consider making breakfast the night before or buying ready-made alternatives, such as cereal bars and juice boxes.


my unanswered question will always be this: when do you have to eat for it to be considered breakfast? ^_^

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