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I don’t like sitting and staring at a screen all day… I will never be able to get an office job. I go nuts if I am not on my feet.

Tonight after I go out to the movies with my bestie I am going to do lots of yoga, dishes, and straighten up my room. The thought of sitting in a theatre for two hours right now is killing me.

Oh, I totally forgot to say what I am doing now: at mommy’s work being a big help and completely reorganizing there office while intermittently going on tumblr and wordpress when the boss isn’t watching 😀

But yeah I don’t necessarily LOVE working out, but I hate being sedentary. I really just want to go for a walk outside and get some fresh air!


Many yoga poses seem impossible at first. Then I practice, practice and practice.    I think I come back to my mat because I love the feeling when the impossible become possible.  Yoga is miracle.

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