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snacking on an apple and a peanut butter chocolate chip zing bar 🙂 the last time i was at whole foods, i picked up a few different zing bar flavors. this one is 100% natural, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and has 10g of protein! the ingredients are things like peanuts, agave syrup, chocolate chips, rice protein, oats, brown rice crisps, and sea salt.
and i must say this is one of the best bars i’ve ever had 🙂 have you tried them?

I need to try these! Looking for some new bars to try!

Staples Grocery List: What must be in my house at all times so I don’t go crazy

Pantry: Quinoa, couscous, pasta, wild rice, canned beans (chickpeas, black beans, and cannelini), steel cut oats, cereal (puffins or cascadian farms), granola, peanut butter, almond butter, a wide array of other nutbutters!

Fridge: Almond milk, cheese, tofu, mustard, sriracha, greek yogurt, hummus, fish, and chicken

Produce: spinach, tomatoes, peppers, onions, mushrooms, bananas, and berries

Snacks: larabars, clifbars, crackers, bunny grahams, and pretzels

These are just the basics… you guys have seen my other grocery lists…. I buy way more than this! LOL!

7/15 Intake

Breakfast: Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast with pb and nutella. Grapes. Black coffee.

Morning snack: Pretzels

Lunch: Joseph’s flax wrap with plum chutney, blue cheese, balsamic-mushrooms and -eggplant, and spinach. Sesame honey crackers. Almond Fudge Clif Bar.

Afternoon snack: Carrots with cream cheese-mango salsa dip.

Dinner: Couscous and chickpeas in jalfrezi curry simmer sauce with spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, garlic, and grilled peppers.

Evening snack: Banana nut cookie

Two Mom’s in the Raw Bar! 

I tried this new product and it is really good! I love goji berries! I can only find them in starbucks though 😦 If you do find one of these I suggest you get them and stock up because they are yummy!

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