Today is the day! No more calories!

I didn’t measure my peanut butter or my almond butter this morning. I didn’t measure my granola. I really want to through all my measuring spoons and cups out the window… but then I still need them for baking… soo…. But I loved spreading peanut butter without have to measure it first. I did weigh myself this morning, so that I can compare it in a week. But for one week I will not set foot on the scale! 😀

I feel strong today and I can’t wait to go to the movies tonight with my sassy gay black man whom I have been missing for months and eat Red Velvet Cake Fro-yo where my bestie works! Also other bestie’s b-day tomorrow. Will probably bake her something yummy… and will probably taste test it in the process! 😉

Breakfast: Two slices of ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast, one with white-dark-chocolate-raspberry peanut butter, the other with raw unsalted creamy almond butter (I meant to get crunchy at Trader Joe’s, but I actually kind of really like the creamy one!). Strawberries. Black Coffee.

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One response to “Today is the day! No more calories!”

  1. Roxy says :

    Cinnamon raisin loaf is AWESOME. What a brilliantly positive post! 🙂

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