Reasons to gain weight! I made this last night for motivation. Just in case some are hard to read:

  • To come back to life
  • To be “attractive” again
  • To save my body from damage
  • To feel things
  • To not get bruises on my ass from sitting
  • To not get bruises ANYWHERE because of protruding bones
  • To have an ass
  • No more AWKWARD conversations
  • To be STRONG
  • To not have people worry about my all the time
  • To gain CONFIDENCE
  • TO not feel like I’m sleeping naked in the snow because I’m TOO DAMN COLD
  • To have CURVES…. and boobs!
  • To not be stared at (and not in a good way)
  • To be HAPPY and HEALTHY
  • To not be depressed
  • To not be avoided
  • To make the people I love HAPPY!
  • To not scare people with my protruding bones
  • To even out my hormones!
  • To fit into cute clothes again ❤
  • To WOW people when I go back to school in the fall
  • Toe be ENERGETIC
  • To not by pitied
  • To gain my sex drive back
  • To not be avoided
  • To be a NORMAL teenager again

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