So, I am really against eating frozen foods, with the exception of some frozen produce. But I generally don’t eat any frozen prepared food. I’m really obsessed with making my own food.

But I have been wanting to try Indian for so long, and my dad keeps promising to take me, and I don’t know how to cook Indian food, nor do I have the stuff at home, and I was at the store, and I saw this, and I said  WHAT THE FUCK, I WILL BREAK MY RULE I WANT GOD DAMN INDIAN FOOD AND I WANT IT NOW!

It. was. so. freaking. good.

The chicken was actually pretty decent, not like buying fresh organic, but definitely really good for frozen. The spinach and the creamy texture and the spices were all really good! I’m sure this dish would’ve tasted much better at an Indian restaurant, but I was really hungry. 


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