Today was an exciting day with lots of firsts 🙂 I slept in until 9 for the first time in a while, inhaled breakfast, and then did a 90 minute (my longest ever/the longest offered) session of heated power vinyasa yoga. Literally had POOLS of sweat all around me but I survived 🙂 After yoga I went to the gym and did yet ANOTHER recovery run because my legs are STILL sore and heavy. 5 miles @ 8:00. Short ab workout then home. I made a super quick lunch (almond butter sandwich on wheat bread, Chobani, mini pretzels) and took it into the bathroom with me for my first (kind of) ice bath! I didn’t actually use ice but I set the water to the coldest possible setting and stuck it out for 15 minutes. Hopefully it helped! Still to do: eat vegetables, grocery store, pick up little sisters from their first day of school, more abs, 50 pushups, breakfast for dinner & One Day with a friend 🙂


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