Aren’t Sunday’s supposed to be for relaxation?

Whoever decided all the teachers should give us tests and lots of homework during AP’s is a jerk and I hate them! I think it’s a teacher conspiracy to ruin our lives! I have to cram study for APUSH and I also haved two other tests, two large projects, and a bunch of other homework. So in an attempt to be more productive and stress-free I planned out my day.

9-10: Yoga/Workout

10-12: Study APUSH ch. 10 and 11

12-2: Break/Make Ratatouille (for French class)

2-4: Study APUSH ch. 12 and 13

4-5: Break/Jog

5-7: Study APUSH ch. 14

7-8: Dinner

8-10: Algebra and Health homework

10-11: Study Latin

I also have to read and study for English…. I don’t really know when I’m going to do that?!?!!

As for food!

Breakfast: Kashi Go-Lean Cereal (160 calories, 13 g of protein)

Post Workout: Protein Milk (135 calories, 20 g of protein)

Lunch: Ratatouille with Kashi Veggie Crackers

Dinner: Yummy Ground beef mixed with tofu, portabella mushrooms, nonfat feta cheese, and peppers.

Oh and I have nit picked lots of sweets today. :/ I needed some stress busters though!


– 1 hr abs and arms

– 1 mile jog

– 1 hr of pilates


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